Users' problem is that they do not know what stocks/options to choose for investing/trading. The solution should focus on users' need for assistance to find the best stock/options and make less effort for trading or investing.
The main tasks:
1) UX study: customer, market research
2) Analysis of gaps based on user flow audit
3) Propose new concepts: mock-ups 
4) Streamline selected mock-up and implement and design entire assets for the platform
- UX research;
- Product definition; 
- Stakeholder interviews: interviewing key stakeholders to gather insights about business goals;
- Value proposition mapping: thinking about the key aspects and value propositions of the product: what it is, who will use it, and why they will use it;
- Concept sketching: creating an early mockup of the future product ( low-fidelity paper sketches of the product architecture);
- Individual in-depth interviews (IDI): In-depth interviews provide qualitative data about the target audience, such as their needs, wants, fears, motivations, and behavior;
- Creating user personas;
- Creating user stories. “As a [user] I want to [goal to achieve] so that [motivation].”
- Storyboarding.  A story about how a user interacted with a product;
- Sketching;
- Creating wireframes;
This is the current project, and there is what to be done:
- Creating a design system;
- Creating prototypes;
- Testing;
- Edits;
- Validation (Testing);
- Finalize design assets.
The Journey map has confidential information, 
if you have questions regarding it please contact me.
Some wireframes

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